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Our Xs can help you get your Zs back so you can attack your days bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Powered by Formulas 6, 7 and 19 terpinolene, humulene and CBDa.


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Based upon our experience, we have been able to identify certain cannabinoid and terpene profiles that are targeted to specific outcomes.

Our sleep pack contains three of our premium formulas – two from our terpenes enriched collection, and one from our cold pressed collection.

This formulation contains Terpinolene, a terpene found in the flower of the hemp plant, is known for its fresh smell and taste. It is also a primary component in tea tree oil, which is also known for its therapeutic properties.

Animal studies also indicate that Terpinolene can create a sleepy, sedative effect in mice. When combined with CBD, it may give you a relaxing, calming quality.

This formulation contains Humulene, which can also be found in hops, sage and ginseng.

According to this study, Humulene may improve symptoms of anxiety and insomnia, due to its efficacy as a sedative.

Part of our Cold Press Collection, this formulation contains 50% CBDa and 50% CBD.

Cannabidiolic acid (CBDa) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in the hemp plant. CBDa is sourced by raw processing of the cannabis sativa L hemp plant, and is the precursor to CBD. Through a heating process called decarboxylation, CBDa is converted to CBD when it reaches 230° F. CBDa is widely considered to be a key constituent in the medicinal spectrum of cannabis. CBDa has been shown to reduce depression-like behavior in animal models.

We highly recommend speaking with your doctor before using CBD. This is especially important if you are taking medications. You may also contact our nurse line.

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