Recovery Bundle


Why bundles? Because each of us has different health needs and our experience provides the best start for everyone. Each of our bundles takes advantage of the entourage effect to allow each compound to work together synergistically.

Our ritualx Holiday Bundles are the perfect gift to give yourself, your significant other, a friend, teacher, or generous host.

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Ever had a great workout or a physical day? Of course, you have!  Let our Recovery Bundle be the answer to the uncertainty of tomorrow’s soreness.

In this bundle, you will receive our Formula 16 and our Extra Strength CBD Balm.  Formula 16 is part of our CBG Collection, containing 50% CBG and 50% CBD.  CBG is a hard-to-find specialized cannabinoid that occurs in small quantities in the hemp plant, but offers an exceedingly impressive list of benefits. Our Extra Strength CBD Balm can help with targeted focus and won’t irritate sensitive skin with natural ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil, and camphor.  Use this balm to help manage muscle aches and pains, as well as certain skin conditions.

All of our bundles include a $50 Gift Certificate good for your next purchase!

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