Coats & Tails 150mg Pet Chews


Coats & Tails 150mg Pet Chews are an easy and convenient way to offer your pet their necessary CBD milligram. Each chew contains 5mg of CBD and flavoring your cat or dog is bound to love. Zoom in on our label for nutrition facts and ingredients!
Contains 30 individual 5mg pet chews (up to 150mg per pack)

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Coats & Tails 150mg Pet Chews are our leading alternative to oil based consumption. We recommend up to 2 servings per day. We also provide Coats & Tails in oil form which is available here.
Coats & Tails 150mg Pet Chews Dosing Guide:
Pet Weight                            Recommended Serving Size
Under 25lbs                           1 chew
26-50lbs                                  2 chews
51-75lbs                                  3 chews
Over 75lbs                              4 chews


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