From Research to Lab… to YOU

While most brands use third party facilities for testing, at ritualx, we take it a step further. Our source materials are third party tested, and we opted for an on-site laboratory to ensure we are in complete control of the quality of our products—from sourcing to shelf. 

“We only sell products that are laboratory certified by us,” Founder Dr. James Taylor says. “We run each product through testing to make sure it has in it what we say it does.”

We get our source material from labs that do third party testing; we manufacture in-house and test our products to ensure the quality and quantity of the cannabinoids. We also test hemp crops for cannabinoid content, and provide testing to consumers for employment purposes to verify CBD vs. THC consumption. 

“It is a wild frontier out there. There was a study that found 70 percent of products in the CBD world were not as advertised,” Taylor says. “As a physician recommending these products, that is unacceptable.”