Founded on the rising need for non-addictive, natural treatments in our pain clinics, we formulated quality CBD products with one specific intent and purpose: to improve your wellbeing by identifying the right cannabinoid formula for you. 

Dr. James Taylor, MD & Founder/CEO

The Visionary

Dr. James Taylor, a North Carolina board-certified anesthesiologist and proceduralist, formed Integrated Pain Solutions in 2012 to treat patients with chronic pain conditions. Inspired by what was transpiring in the hemp market on the west coast, he decided to develop a medical-grade CBD product that patients would trust and benefit from.

Growing hemp became legal in North  Carolina in 2015 through the NC State Hemp Pilot Program. The North Carolina Hemp Coalition was encouraging farmers to grow it, and wanted manufacturers and producers to establish the  infrastructure needed to develop it into a consumable product.  Dr. Taylor wondered, could a medical hemp industry be sustainable and profitable for the state of North Carolina? 


Dr. Taylor began research of hemp and hemp derived CBD oil finding that many pain patients were able to reduce their prescription opioid use by 64% after consuming medical cannabis. He also found that states with medical cannabis laws had 25% lower opioid overdose mortality rates, compared to states without medical cannabis laws.

If hemp, containing 0.3 % or less of THC, could produce even half the benefit of the medical cannabis product with THC, it would be worth exploring. He knew that cannabis had no lethal dose.  Understanding that a patient could not overdose on cannabis immediately lifted the pressure he  felt as a physician. He felt the pressure to “do something” about the opioid crisis, and now he had a tangible tool to use.



In 2017, Dr. Taylor launched Integrated Hemp Solutions. Soon after, Integrated Hemp Solution’s full-spectrum hemp derived CBD oil was introduced into the practice at Integrated Pain Solutions and given to 100 of their patients, who were subsequently surveyed. 

Data indicated noticeable improvement in three areas: sleep, anxiety, and wellbeing. Patients using Integrated Hemp Solutions’ CBD oil stopped reaching  for drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism.These patients were finally motivated to engage in new activities and engage with society. Hemp was bringing hope to those who needed it most. 


Through Integrated Hemp Solutions, Dr. Taylor set out to create a product that was not only effective, but accessible to all. Based upon his experience managing thousands of patients, Dr. Taylor created ritualx, the brand designed and developed by Integrated Hemp Solutions. ritualx offers a line of hemp extract formulations that are manufactured from high quality hemp to provide caregivers, patients and consumers with the products they can trust.

To ensure it is truly accessible to all, Dr. Taylor opened two ritualx store locations in Southern Pines and Rockingham, with plans for further stores underway in other North Carolina cities. Dr. Taylor discovered consumers need approximately 30 to 45 minutes of education before they use a hemp product to truly understand how it works. This is why the ritualx store has an educated staff trained to answer questions relating to hemp extract. ritualx also offers an expert Nurse Line as an additional educational resource for consumers seeking guidance.

Unlike other hemp extract companies, Integrated Hemp Solutions strives for complete transparency regarding our products. A good example of this is our honest and upfront approach with our customers regarding hemp extract drug testing.

If a regular hemp extract user is drug tested using a urine drug screen (example: color change on a cup), they will more than likely produce a false positive test for THC. A false positive test result occurs because the shape of THC and CBD are similar enough that this type of test cannot tell the difference between them.

As a solution to this problem, Dr. Taylor created a direct-to-consumer testing product that allows those taking hemp extract to have peace of mind. Now consumers have the same high tech laboratory testing available to them that doctors and employers use to screen their employees. This product allows hemp extract users to feel confident that their job is not at risk while they are using hemp extract products.

On the industrial side, Integrated Laboratory Solutions also offers Hemp Testing to local farmers in North Carolina. Having access to a local laboratory has been crucial to the developing infrastructure that farmers and extractors need as this market matures.

In conclusion, ritualx developed by Integrated Hemp Solutions is:

  • Physician-led and founded by Dr. James Taylor, MD.
  • Research Driven: We use data gathered from clinical studies and surveys to improve our formulas and education.
  • Laboratory Tested: All our products are tested multiple times to ensure they contain the ingredients listed and nothing else.
  • Education Driven: ritualx offers an expert nurse line and educated staff at our Integrated Hemp retail locations to answer your hemp related questions. We are also actively involved in educating medical providers and their office staff, and participate in national and international educational events.
  • Trusted by Patients and Physicians: Thousands of patients take our hemp extract formulas that have been recommended by their medical providers.
  • Consumer Protection Driven: We offer Confirmation Testing through Integrated Laboratory Solutions to provide accurate drug test results for individuals using hemp products. We are here to tell the truth and to arm the consumer with information that may save them their job.
  • Accessible to All: Our mission is to help everyone explore the potential benefits of cannabinoid medicine. To ensure our product is truly accessible to all, we offer a Financial Hardship Program to the communities we serve for those individuals in need. We are excited to expand this program in the future.